When you’re planning your 2016 resolutions this year, don’t forget about a very special part of your life. This trusty companion is with you on all of your journey’s, faithfully protecting you from the weather, carrying you to where you need to be, and providing a fortress of solitude away from the world when you need a little time alone to think, clear your mind, or relax and listen to music. That’s right- we’re talking about your car!

Make your car or truck happy in 2016 with these “gifts,” while also prolonging the life of your vehicle and ensuring a clean and comfortable ride. Chances are, you spend a lot of time in your car every day, so show it a little love this year.

Treat Your Car to a Spa Day

Everybody feels better after a little TLC, and your vehicle is no exception! Indulge your car with a full makeover, including an oil change, fluid check and a full wash and detailing. Everyone feels good when they look their best, and if your car could talk, we’re sure it would say, “Cars are no exception.” Keeping your car clean and covered in a protective coat of wax also keeps your paint looking good longer, offering protection from UV rays that can fade it and make it look prematurely worn.

Replace Worn Accessories

Tires looking a little worn? Splurge on a new set before the cold weather arrives in full force, and you’ll not only be treating your much-loved automotive companion, you’ll also reduce your chances of being in an accident if roads become icy. Worn tires don’t have as much tread to grip the road and are more likely to slide on wet or slick roads.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to replace worn windshield wipers and fill up your wiper fluid reservoir with cold-weather wiper fluid rated to withstand freezing temperatures without creating a glaze of ice on your windshield.

Customize Your Ride

Do you really, really love your car? Show your affection with a new coat of paint, or by adding after-market accessories like cool custom rims and chrome accents. Trick out your truck with off-roading gear or rack to carry that new bike or kayak you got for Christmas. There are endless options to customization, so your car can be as unique as you are. Even if you’re not in the market for a major cosmetic overhaul, make your car your own and add personality with a comfortable steering wheel cover, or maybe even some magnetic embellishments to grace your fenders. Your car will thank you for it!

Dillon’s Automotive is ready to help you treat your vehicle this year, whether that means an engine tune-up, basic maintenance, or full-scale style customization extravaganza. Contact us today by filling out our online form or calling (281) 395-1100.

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