Katy Tire Rotation/Balance Services & Wheel Alignment

We’ve all been there and we all know: new tires are expensive. This is precisely why Dillon’s Automotive wants to make sure that all four of your vehicle’s tires receive the proper maintenance and care to prolong tire life and prevent tire wear. Our tire rotation and balance services will keep your car driving safely and smoothly as well as extend tire life – reducing the need and frequency of having to get brand new tires.

Driving down uneven roads, hitting bumps and holes that you couldn’t see or avoid, long commutes, and even just turning left and right over the miles can cause an imbalance in your tires which will cause uneven wear. Balancing and rotating your tires is an inexpensive way to reduce vibrations and tire wear while creating a steadier and safer ride. Dillon’s Automotive recommends rotating your tires every 3,000 – 6,000 miles and balancing your tires every 12,000 – 15,000 miles depending on your vehicle’s weight, driving conditions, and tire quality.

Rotating and aligning your tires helps ensure they are getting even wear while balancing tires helps redistribute the mass of the tire and wheel to which it is attached. Dillon’s Automotive uses the latest in Hunter Engineering Company technology with Hunter’s HawkEye Elite™. Both tire rotation and tire balance services are important maintenance necessities to keep your tires in optimal shape.

By not adhering to tire maintenance, tires can develop specific wear patterns, cause vibration or noise, and drastically shorten the life of the tires – where only a new set can amend the damage.

Dillon’s Automotive’s ASE certified technicians only use top of the line equipment like our fully-automatic wheel balancers with 3D laser technology that allows us to detect any tire flaw or tire balance problems. We will make suggestions regarding your current tires’ state and inform you of any serious issues that we may have encountered when inspecting your tires. Additionally, during your tire inspection, we also inspect your vehicle’s brakes, pads, and shoes at no charge to double check that there is no damage and that your vehicle stays safe for driving.

By monitoring your tire use and getting the right tire maintenance are wise expenditures to protect your investment.

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