Texas State Vehicle Inspection in Cinco Ranch/Katy

If you live in Texas, you’re used to bringing your car in every year for an inspection. Getting your Texas inspection sticker renewal done doesn’t have to be a pain, and it never is at Dillon’s Automotive. Located in the heart of Cinco Ranch/Katy, Dillon’s is licensed to perform Texas State vehicle inspections to guarantee that your vehicle adheres to all state safety and emissions standards.

We know that your time is valuable and your vehicle is important. That’s why we offer a streamlined service that not only ensures your compliance with Texas auto inspection laws but also offers peace of mind by keeping your vehicle in top condition. 

Our team of certified professionals uses the latest diagnostic equipment to perform a comprehensive inspection, ensuring your vehicle is safe, environmentally friendly, and ready for the road ahead. If we find any issues during the inspection, in most cases, our auto repair specialists in Katy and Cinco Ranch can address the repairs on the spot.

To schedule your quick-and-easy state inspection, request a service online or give us a call at 281-395-1100.

“Went to get my state inspection here. Arrived 15 minutes before they stopped inspections for the day, but they were able to squeeze me in. They were quick and provided amazing service, and everyone I spoke with was very nice! Will definitely be coming back for any car repairs.”

– Alec Campos, Satisfied Customer

Dillon’s Automotive is proud to be a licensed Texas inspection station

Our auto shop is a Texas Department of Safety (DPS) approved location, allowing us to offer  on-site state inspections, where we verify and review safety items such as:

  • The vehicle currently has insurance and meets Texas liability standards
  • Brake tests, including parking brake tests
  • All vehicle lights and indicators
  • Seat belts
  • Wheels and tire tread
  • Windshield wipers
  • Vehicle horn
  • Power steering
  • Mirror
  • Gas cap
  • Window tinting
  • Emission controls (This test informs us of any error codes or computer faults that may affect your vehicle emission system.)
  • Other necessary safety items

Once we have the “green light” on all safety and emissions testing, we will electronically record your inspection and issue you a printed copy for your records. When it comes time for you to register your vehicle, your inspection status will be verified electronically, and a registration sticker confirming both your inspection and registration will be issued to you.

If for any reason your vehicle fails to meet inspection, we will provide you with the diagnosis and costs behind the repairs needed to pass inspection. If your vehicle has the “check engine” light, “service engine soon” light, or any other malfunction indicator lights on, it will immediately fail inspection. Texas vehicle inspection laws require that all problems must be fixed within 15 days and that the inspection be performed again to not incur any additional fees.

As your full auto repair shop, Dillon’s Automotive can repair virtually any issue holding you back from passing inspection. If you need an auto suspension repair, automotive transmission repair, or brake repair in Katy, TX, Dillon’s can do so using top-of-the-line BG automotive products to ensure that your vehicle not only passes inspection, but continues to perform at the highest level.

What are the Texas vehicle inspection laws?

As of 2024, Texas auto inspection laws require that all motor vehicles must undergo an annual inspection to ensure they meet the required standards of safety and emissions. This is a safety measure put in place to keep drivers and passengers safe on the road.

More specifically, the Texas vehicle inspection laws currently require that you get the vehicle re-inspected within 90 days of your Texas State inspection sticker expiring. It is currently illegal to operate a vehicle without an updated inspection sticker in Texas.

If you have not gotten your sticker renewed within 90 days of it expiring, there is a five-day grace period at the beginning of the following month. After this Texas registration grace period, if you are found driving with an expired or missing Texas inspection sticker, you can be issued a ticket and will have to pay a fine.

Note: According to House Bill 3297, as of January 01, 2025, Texas drivers of noncommercial vehicles will no longer be required to get their vehicles inspected and will simply pay an annual fee instead. Until that time, however, drivers can still be subject to citation for driving a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker.

Trust Dillon’s Automotive for your Texas State vehicle inspection in Cinco Ranch/Katy

At Dillon’s Automotive, we understand the stress and inconvenience that can accompany Texas inspection renewals and repairs. With this in mind, our team is committed to providing not just expert inspection and repair services, but also exceptional customer service. We strive to make your experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible, ensuring that you leave our shop with your vehicle in peak condition and your mind at ease.

In addition to inspection services, we offer a wide range of maintenance and repair services ranging from diesel repair to auto glass repair in Katy and Cinco Ranch, all intended to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition. Whether it’s routine maintenance, like oil changes and tire rotations, or more complex repairs, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle your automotive needs with professionalism and care.

Remember, regular vehicle inspections and maintenance are crucial for your safety on the road, the longevity of your vehicle, and compliance with state laws. Choosing Dillon’s Automotive for your Texas State vehicle inspection means choosing peace of mind. 

Request a service online or give us a call at 281-395-1100 today and experience the difference that comes with exceptional service and expertise.

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