Katy Diesel Specialists

Diesel engines are in demand because of their upgradeability and clean-burning capabilities. At Dillon’s Automotive, we have a dedicated diesel service bay and Ford-certified master diesel technician. We also extend the same warranty to our diesel customers as we do the ones bringing in gas-powered cars and trucks.

Despite the popular misconception, diesel engines actually get better mileage than gasoline engines. They can also be modified to support biofuels. However, due to their high energy density, diesel engine-friendly fuels tend to also be more expensive.

Internal combustion occurs at exactly the same point in diesel engines as it does in their four- stroke, gas-powered counterparts. The only exception is that the fuel flows straight into the combustion chamber, entirely bypassing the second stroke using a process known as direct injection. Due to its very high compression ratio, diesel has the highest thermal efficiency of any standard internal or external combustion engine.

From oil changes to fuel filter replacement or suspension, most of your vehicle remains unaltered by the presence of a diesel engine. We provide a full range of services to vehicles powered by diesel, including:

  • Major and minor repairs
  • Fuel system diagnosis
  • Performance and modifications
  • Clutch and transmission

In addition, Dillon’s Automotive provides a full diagnostic test of your vehicle using the latest technology, tools and equipment need to get the job done right and on time. We can diagnose and solve issues as minor as a check engine light, as crucial as overall poor drivability, or as major as failing to power up.

Our staff is ASE certified and trained to service any engine type, including diesel. Nothing beats experience when repairing diesels, and we have the experience to give your truck or other vehicle an accurate diagnosis and repair. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your diesel engine vehicle.

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