Katy Heater & Auto A/C Service

Katy Auto A/C Repair

At Dillon’s Automotive, we know how brutal the heat can get out here in Texas. That’s why we recommend having your auto A/C system checked once a year, or at the first sign of complication, in order to catch minor problems before they cost you more time and money. Occasionally, malfunctions in your car’s air conditioning system can be severe, thus making driving conditions uncomfortable. We take care of any issues that may be a result of malfunctioning temperatures inside your vehicle. Our priority is to ensure our customers have a great, comfortable driving experience.

Issues with your A/C are some of the most common maintenance needs you’ll encounter while owning a vehicle. These types of repairs can range from a small leak to a compressor failure. Whereas some A/C repairs are minor and can be solved with simple solutions, such as just adding freon, Dillon’s Automotive’s premium service means that we appropriately diagnosis your vehicle’s A/C repair needs the first time, ensuring there is no price deviation from what is quoted.

Katy Car Heating Repair

It may be hot most of the time in Texas, but like your vehicle’s air conditioning system in the Summer, we want its heating system to perform just as efficiently throughout the Winter. At Dillon’s Automotive we also recommend having your heating system checked once a year, or at the first sign of complication, so if you do have a minor problem, we can catch it before it costs you an unnecessary amount of time and money.

With highly trained and qualified ASE and MAC certified technicians, Dillon’s only uses OSHA and EPA approved refrigerant tanks and equipment when making both auto A/C and heating repairs. Our technicians have years of training and experience, engage in continuing education, and work with the latest, advanced equipment.

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