You always hear about “resale value” when it comes to owning a car, but what really adds value to your car? Are things like a new sound system and paint job worth more than regular oil changes and recently replaced tires? We’ll cover what is universally valuable in a used car, and what’s not so universal.

Technology Upgrades

Believe it or not, many technology upgrades for cars don’t impact the resale value. That super fancy sound system, those new LED headlights, or that back-up camera aren’t as useful when compared to power windows or steering.

In fact, many choices that come down to style don’t affect the resale value of your car at all. Everything comes down to function over appearance. In fact, many aftermarket additions can actually harm the overall resale value of your car.

For instance, having a Bluetooth-enabled center console can actually turn off buyers because not everyone has a need for this kind of function. This article from Autotrader can point you in the right direction of which things to avoid when it comes to upgrading your car.

Function vs. Appearance

Let’s explore what we mean when say “function vs. appearance.” Alloy wheels can positively affect the resale value of your car. Higher performance cars or “luxury” editions can resell better than their less comfortable or not as powerful counterparts. This is because these things affect the overall use of the car, things anyone who drives your car will notice, such as road noise and how comfortable the seats are.

Parts like brakes, tires, cruise control, or a catalytic converter all have standard price tags attached to them, so they can be factored into resale value easily. Small additions such as a sunroof, power seats, and power mirrors can also greatly improve resale value of a car. Many drivers will pay a premium for features such as this.

A fresh oil change, as well as proof of consistent oil changes during ownership, shows that the car’s engine has been properly cared for and maintained. This is a huge source of comfort for any prospective buyer.

Body Modifications

Much to the dismay of many people, body modifications don’t usually add to the resale value of a car, and can actually hurt the resale value. Why? These modifications are typically a very personal addition. It would take a buyer who has similar tastes and is willing to pay for these instead of buying a cheap car and modifying it themselves.

In this article from Jalopnik, you can find an in-depth breakdown of how costly modification can get and how most of these modifications exist outside functionality or even current car trends.

Prepare Your Used Car for Resale at Dillon’s

Despite how cool some body modifications can look, they aren’t going to add thousands to the resale value of your car. Power mirrors matter more than certain other “technological” additions you can make. A new timing belt is better than a new paint job.

The best thing to do for the resale value of your car is performing regular maintenance on it. Maintain your fluids, conduct regular oil changes, and be sure to have it thoroughly inspected if you suspect any performance issues. After all, if there’s something wrong with the engine or the transmission, not even a back-up camera can help you! Luckily, Dillon’s Automotive offers all these services and more, so run your car by us and we’ll help you get it ready to hit the market again!

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