The winter weather is upon us, and that means some added stress for you and your vehicle. The U.S. DOT Federal Highway Administration reports that 22 percent of all car accidents are weather-related. Whether you are traveling this winter for business or pleasure, preventative car maintenance is essential to ensure a safe and smooth drive.

How Cold Weather Affects the Roads – and Your Vehicle

The winter weather can be extremely unpredictable, and, in a flash, you can be stuck in heavy rain, snow, sleet or hail. When it comes to roads with sleet, snow or ice on them, it is imperative to be alert and take the utmost caution while driving. Ice makes roads slippery and dangerous, especially when its black ice (super thin ice on the surface of roads) which is almost impossible to see. These types of conditions can make steering and braking extremely difficult.

Tips to taking on the road:

  • Clear off any snow or ice before you start the car
  • Accelerate slowly to reduce wheel spin
  • Allow longer braking distances between cars
  • Avoid distractions, keep your focus on the road
  • Turn on your headlights even in the daytime so you will be visible to all drivers
  • Check weather reports before getting on the road
  • Additionally, the cold air can drop tire pressure and be hard on your battery. Maintaining proper air pressure is important to maximizing your tire’s lifespan and reducing increased tread wear, as well as keeps the vehicle from having to work harder all around. In extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), batteries are notorious for dying. Without a proper working battery, your car may not even start which means potentially ending up stranded in an area you don’t want to be.

    How you can prevent disaster:

  • Get your battery checked
  • Have your tires and pressure checked
  • Get your oil changed
  • Have your brakes checked
  • Pack a roadside emergency kit
  • Prepare for Whatever the Road Has in Store

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