Katy Used Vehicle Inspection

A good rule of thumb before buying a used vehicle is to have it completely examined by a professional technician who knows what to look for to prevent buying a problematic vehicle or one with little information available.

Dillon’s Automotive knows that it maybe common for pre-owned vehicles to have been involved in accidents but, more importantly, we have seen time and time again where the vehicle has been pieced together good enough to fool the average buyer but creates potentially serious risks for malfunctions in the future. We also have witnessed vehicle engines that have been masked to look good yet show signs of immediate repairs, and if not addressed, could result in damage at any time. Dillon’s Automotive ASE trained technicians take special caution when it comes to inspecting used vehicles.

At Dillon’s Automotive, we look at everything from the reverse light bulbs to the brake pads. We inspect all the vehicle’s body panels and frame for previous paint and body repairs. We carefully examine areas that could pose potential damage from floods, undercarriage rust concerns in northern vehicles to see if the vehicle has any outstanding safety recalls in need of repair. Our team advises you of any repairs or potential maintenance costs of this type of vehicle. We also double check the Kelly Blue Book value to determine if the asking price falls in line with market value.

At Dillon’s Automotive, we want to see you in a vehicle that you’ll love, which is why we want to make sure that it is working, functional, and doesn’t prove to be a more costly investment than you anticipated. We offer top tier pre-purchased vehicle inspections to ensure the vehicle’s transmission, A/C and heating system, brakes, cooling, engine, drive axle, steering and suspension, exterior/interior, and even the luggage compartment are in pristine order before you buy.

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