Regular car maintenance is essential to keeping both your car and your wallet happy. Tires take a lot of impact from driving long commutes, going over potholes, and even just turning left and right. Learning about your tires, such as how to recognize tire wear and when to get them rotated and balanced, will extend…

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are about 240 million passenger vehicles on U.S. roads. The average age of those vehicles is 10.8 years. The average age of a tire at replacement is 3.7 years, and about 40 percent of the time, a motorist buys just one or two tires. But…

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After Hours Towing

Thank you for choosing Dillon's Automotive. For after hours towing, please call 281-934-8711.

* Towing payment is due after vehicle is repaired at time of pickup.