So it’s finally time: your teenager has graduated from high school and is college bound! Of course, that probably means that they need a car, right? Since most of us don’t have the option of picking up a brand new car from the lot, here’s some advice for picking the perfect college car.

Used Cars Are Your Friend

While we’re on the subject, used cars are a great introduction to the world of cars and driving. Since a college car should be able to handle the wear and tear of driving back and forth to campus and home, or even to an internship or job, you’ll want something dependable.

A car that is two to three years old is ideal, but you’ll want something with mileage that’s less than 70,000 miles, if possible. Also, while a 5-year-old BMW 3-Series might sound really cool to your college student, if you can get a brand new Honda Civic for a little bit more, do that instead! You have to consider maintenance and upkeep costs—especially for college!

Always Consider Gas Mileage

Another important factor in picking a great first car in today’s world is gas mileage. It’s definitely useful to have a truck, but sometimes the four-door sedan that gets 40 mpg is what you really need.

College can be extremely expensive, so any way to cut costs is great. Even though gas prices aren’t as high as they were even just a year ago, a smart investment for your grad’s first car is something not only durable, but fuel-efficient.

Find an Insurance Plan for New Drivers

Consult your own insurance company first. This might seem like a no brainer, but many people forget that their car insurance company is the number one resource for finding the best plan for a new driver.

You can get quotes on how much extra would be paying for insurance on certain vehicles, which can remove a ton of guesswork from the process!

Sign Up Your Grad for Defensive Driving

Sometimes that driving test isn’t enough to bestow the values of a good driver on your grad. An online defensive driving course usually takes about six hours, is easy and straightforward, and can get you a discount on your car insurance.

With the knowledge and precautions of defensive driving, it’ll be that much more likely that your grad won’t ever have to use that car insurance!

Service Your Grad’s First Car at Dillon’s

Picking the perfect car for your college student doesn’t have to be that big of a headache. If you just remember these few simple things, you’ll do just fine! Buy used, consider durability, fuel-efficiency, and repairs costs, consult your insurance company on rates, and remember that safety is the biggest concern when it comes to picking out a car for your college-bound child.

And before you get that used car on the road, take it into Dillon’s for an inspection. You’ll want to be sure that the car is everything the seller said it would be. And for the sake of your grad, you’ll want to make sure it’s safe to drive. So contact us today!

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